Don't Throw That Old Computer, Work Station, Server Or Hard Drive Away In The Dumpster Or Put It In The Garbage!

Important Private Information, Client Records Could Be On It And Put You At Risk For Identity Thief , Hippa Violations, A Law Suit, Fine, Jail Time Or More!

We Remove All Information From The Old Computers And Hard Drives For You!




Computers USA Safe Computer Data & Information Removal Services

Hackers And Identity Thieves Would Like To Know!

Some People Think Just By Hitting Delete Gets Rid Of The Data And Information But Are 100% Wrong!

Ever Wonder How Identity Thieves Easily Got People's Information?

Most Times It's From Mishandled Private Information!

Old Computers And Hard Drives That Are Thrown Into The Garbage Are A Hacker's And Identity Thieve's Dream Come True!

Important Information Could Be Recovered And Used Against You And The People Information That Is On Your Computer!

We Seen Peoples Records And Private Information Collected And Poorly Mishandled, Left On Old Computers And Hard Drives, Thrown Away Or Sold On Sites Like E-Bay or Craig's List

That Mishandled Information Could Be Used Against You In Many Ways!

Someone Could View Important E-mails And See Internet Transactions, Credit Card Information, Client Private Information, Social Security Numbers, Hippa Violations,Web Sites Visited, Porn, Music Files, Pictures And More!

That Mishandled Information Could Costs You Large Money Fines And More!

Don't Let This Happen To You And Or Your Business!

Identity Thief Is No Joke It Can Easily Happen To Anyone!

How Easy Is Identity Thief To Happen If You Don't Have The Information Removed?

With Today's Fast Automated Computerized Credit Systems, Instant Credit And Service It's Easily To Get With Just A Social Security Number, Fake Driver's License, Name And Address

Anyone Could Use Your Or Your Clients, Information To Obtain Instant Credit And Services Easily With The Information In Many Computers That You Or Someone May Have Once Entered Into Your Computer Or That You May Have Collected For Your Business Records Needs!

Most Personal Information And Business Records Are Not Usually Encrypted At All!

Most Records And Files Can Be Easily Viewed By Most Anyone!

You Could Be Held Accountable Or Arrested Because Of What They Did With Your Information And Will Have To Prove 100% It Was Not You And You Knew Nothing About The Person That Done It!

Some Claim They Have Identity Thief Protection Insurance, But Those Insurances Or Services Don't Fully Protect You From Identity Thief They Just Try To Help You After It Has Happened And You Still Can Be Held Liable!

We Help Protect You And Your Business By Destroying The Information So Nothing Does Happen!

We Totally Get Rid Of The Information From Your Old Computers And Hard Drives For You, Then We Recycle The Computer Hardware For A Cleaner Greener Earth And Helps Pay For Our Services!

We Have Been Safely Removing And Destroying Private Information From Computers And Hard Drives For Government Offices, Large Corporations, Businesses And Personal Computers For Over 36 Years!

We Accept Computers, Servers, Laptops, Hard Drives, PDAs And Cell Phones,

Just Send Them To Us For Safe Removal Of Your Important Information!

All Information Is Destroyed!

Ship Your Old Computers And Hard Drives To Us Today For Safe Data Removal And Disposal For Free Just Pay Shipping Costs Ship To Us Via UPS, USPS Or Fed Ex Shipper Of Your Choose

We Do Offer Local Pickup In Pittsburgh Pa. And Surrounding Areas

Make A Donations To Help Us Recycle Old Computers And Hard Drives To Help Make A Greener Earth For All Of Us!

Help Save The Earth, Recycle Your Old Computer, Don't Just Throw It Away!

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